Sunday, August 31, 2008

February 2005

Your Uncle Poul-Erik and I went to Grand Cayman Island to visit one of our best friends. We went snorkeling in the crystal clear blue water and we saw a turtle and a shark. Here we are having breakfast and drinking coconut juice. Poul-Erik climbed up a coconut tree and picked them himself. We had a really fun vacation!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nana's Visit to Vancouver - January 2005

Nana came to visit you in Vancouver that year. Unfortunately it didn't work out for you to see her. But she did some fun things with your dad - here she is at the museum.

Christmas 2004

Christmas morning is finally here! "Little B" is the name of Grampie's kitty cat. She's posing for a picture in front of the presents.

Grampie got a new camera for Christmas.

You couldn't come visit us for Christmas beacause you had just moved to Vancouver. So I got your Nana an airplane ticket to come to Vancouver to visit you in January instead. She was very excited!!!

August 30th 2008

Starting here and now I am going to update you on what our family has been up to since the last time we saw you. It's kind of like an online scrapbook for you to come to. To be able to see and read about what we've been doing. There's alot of stuff that has happened between then and now so I will just highlight some of those things starting in 2004 and working up to today.

This is Your Family

Here is your family! Your Nana and Grampie, your dad and your 3 Aunts -Aunt Tracy, Aunt Suzette and Aunt Trudi (that's me in the back).

June 2004

This was a sad day! We were happy to visit with you again, but this was the last time we would see you. You and your mom and dad were moving to Vancouver.

Waving bye-bye to your Nana, Grampie and Aunt Trudi

Sometime in Spring 2004

I just love these P.J.'s.

They look so comfy. And green too!

Lots of love for Onyx from Nana and Grampie!

March 2004

Time for another visit! You loved hanging out on your mattress and playing,

and had no trouble getting the correct shapes in their corresponding holes.

Too cute!

Time for a story! Always willing to lend a helping hand :-)

June 2004

You guys were getting all your stuff packed up to move to Vancouver.

You were such a little tumbler.
One of the little things I remember about you - I gave you 4 little soft books as a gift when you were a baby, and you loved them. Your 2 favorites were the purple one and the green one. Always purple and green! I don't think I ever saw the other 2 books again.

Your dad was your own personal "Jungle Jim".

June 2004

You certainly loved the camera. I know your mom and dad took lots of pictures of you so you developed quite a knack for posing.

You were being a little bashful in the beginning,

But then you warmed right up to us.

Next you brought us outside to show us the deck. Despite how it looks, it was pretty cold out there!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas 2003

Here we all are (except me because I'm taking the picture) hanging out together in my apartment. We are all pretty tired at this point - Is it time for a nap yet?

Christmas 2003

Here you are with your Nana and me. You were such a patient little boy.

Then you cozied up on Nana's lap for another picture.

It's finally time to eat- Can I have some?

Here you are with your mom. You though everything was built specifically for you to play on. You were a great little climber!

More playing with your dad in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas 2003

We went downstairs to my apartment and played for a bit. You just loved the beads in my front hallway. Who needs toys???

Christmas 2003

You really liked the big yellow bus your Uncle Poul-Erik and I got you for Christmas that year.

Some of your dad's friends from highschool came over for a visit and to play with you.

A good time was had by all! Oh, I see another present that was for you in the background - looks like a trike!

You and your dad (and I think your mom too) went for a walk that afternoon.

You were all tuckered out from all the playing and fell asleep.

Christmas Morning 2002

Those little red booties make me smile. You came to visit us in the Annapolis Valley for your first Christmas. You were growing so fast, I couldn't believe you were already two and a half months old.

Here you are with your Nana.

Then it was Grampie's turn,

and finally it was my turn. I was so excited to hold you - you were absolutely adorable!!

October 14th 2002 - A Star is born

Here you are with a picture of your dad when he was born. I must say you were the spitting image of him when he was a baby. It makes me wonder what you are going to look like when you grow up.

A very happy Nana and Grampie (and of course your dad too). We couldn't wait to hold you, so we got in line and waited. Nana was first, of course, then your Grampie, and lastly me. You were a very popular boy!

Your entire family was just BEAMING with joy. Your beautiful mom and dad couldn't get enough of you.

What I Remember About You

August 25th 2002

Your Nana and I took a trip into Halifax to go to your baby shower. You would be entering into this world about a month and a half after this picture was taken. Your mom and dad were so excited that you were coming soon, they were just glowing!