Friday, November 19, 2010

Far and Away

August 22nd-28th - We drove from Montreal down to Elmira, New York. Your Aunt Tracy, Uncle Jay and cousins Emmelea and Bryce live there. We had alot of fun together and wished it could have been longer. Kenzie striking a pose at the mini-golf course

Me and Kenzie taking a break from feeding the ducks

Left to Right - Your Aunt Tracy, Nana Sue, Cousin Bryce, Cousin Emmelea, Me(Aunt Trudi) holding your Cousin MacKenzie, and your Dad Jaia on the end.

MacKenzie had fun pretending to be a puupy at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Video - Dancin' in the Streets

August 19th-21st in Montreal - More time spent having fun while waiting for the bus. Who says waiting has to be boring??? I say make your own fun!!!

Still Hoping

August 20th (day 2 in Montreal) - We came to your apartment again the next day in hopes to visit with you. Unfortunately there was no answer:( So down the street we went to explore and see what we could find. There was a beautiful park there so we got some lunch and played at the park for a while. We all had a great time but we were very sad that we hadn't got to see you yet.

Video - Hacky Sacking

As we were waiting for the bus we decided to pass the time by hacky sacking. Time flew by and soon the bus was there and we were on our way.

The Wheels on the Bus

August 19th-21st in Monteal : Here we are at the bus stop on our way to come and see you. This was our first day in Montreal and we didn't want to waste any time. Our #1 Goal for this trip is to spend some time with you.