Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MacKenzie's 1st Birthday

April 18th 2009
Pre-Party decorating
It's finally here, the day MacKenzie turns one year old. Right about this time last year I was giving birth to this beautiful little girl.

It must be almost time for the guests to arrive, MacKenzie has her party dress on now.

Everyone thought the cake looked fabulous - LET'S EAT!!!

MacKenzie got here very own Banana, Cheerio muffin with whipped cream.

And she ate every last little crumb.

The Fun Never Stops

It's time to open up some presents
Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts

"Little People" have certainly come a long way since I was a kid.

The queen on her throne after the party

Troy and Nancy giving the birthday girl a little extra special birthday cuddle


Monday, April 27, 2009

Video - First Steps

April 17th - The Video says it all!

Up Where the Air is Clear

April 17th 2009- It was a gorgeous day outside. PE and I took MacKenzie for a walk down to the postbox at the end of our road.
It was the first time this year that MacKenzie need to wear a sun hat - it was so nice out!

Daddy loved having his little girl on his shoulders,

and she loved it too!!

We're Walking, Yes Indeed, We're Walking!

April 16th - Sarah and I have been taking McKenzie for all sorts of walks lately. This particular walk was at The Cascades. I bet you like going for hikes too Onyx. Kenzie just loves it!

Turkey and Ham - Does it get any better?

April 13th 2009 - Easter is here! We shared Easter with our friends at the Newranski's house. Pete and Uncle PE are testing the gravy to make sure it's edible.

MacKenzie loves hanging out with the McNeills. They even have a special name for her. They call her "Baby Mac"

This is Ceighan Lindeman being silly :-)

Good Friday

April 10th 2009 - MacKenzie got her very first Easter present ever!

She obviously was very excited to open it

Troy and Nancy went all out

Although Kenzie did love the bunny and bunny duck, she loved the wrapping paper even more.

Once they're unwrapped it's time to play with them.

Purple is the New Pink

April 2nd - Was Ryleigh's Birthday Party
Kenzie was all dresses up in the pink cowboy boots Nana got for her

Those are some pretty weird faces you're making,

but very cute none the less.

I Wear my Sunglasses Inside

April 1st - Shopping at the Superstore for some SUPER COOL GLASSES!!

Mr.Tedd E Bear

March 24th 2009 - As one of her baby shower gifts MacKenzie got a homemade Teddy Bear.
His fur was so soft she immediately fell in love with him

We named him Mr. Tedd E Bear

Thank you Nikki for the very special gift!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video - Spaghetti Mustache

March 23rd - MacKenzie's first time eating Spaghetti