Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Video: November 25th - Almost Crawling!

November 25th - MacKenzie is getting pretty good at getting up on her knees. We think she'll be crawling by Christmas. I guess we'll have to get some baby gates sooner than we thought.

Let's Eat!

November 24th - MacKenzie and I met up with a couple of my girlfriends (Jenna + Monique) last night for supper. Mo had just gotten off work so we just hung out at Kelsey's for an hour or so. I had forgotten how great the food is there!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good friends, good food

November 22nd - My good friend Lindsay is back in town for about a month so MacKenzie and I met up with her for lunch. Guess who was the center of attention once again?

MacKenzie has grown so much since Lindsay saw her last. She almost didn't recognize her.

It was so wonderful to see Lindsay again, but lunch had to end eventually. After doing a little shopping we headed back home to see daddy.

Isn't it still a little early for Christmas Parties?

November 21st - My first Christmas event this year!!!! Nancy and I went to the Vanderwees Christmas Celebration together. There we lots of lights, treats and snowmen. The entire greenhouse was full of Christmas trees and poinsettias and Christmas music could be heard everywhere. We had such a great time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for the cake!

November 19th - Our good friend Stephanie invited us over to celebrate her husbands 28th birthday. We had such a great time playing board games and just before I was about to win the game, the birthday boy (Paul) swooped in and took the title. Here he is playing with MacKenzie.

Daddy was doing an excellent job keeping MacKenzie distracted. She just loves to sit on his shoulders and suck on his bald head. Hehehe

There was a secondary game going on at the same time, it was called "Pass around the baby." Ellie was a little trepidacious to take a turn, but Kenzie did just fine. Until Ellie accidently scared her by crinkling the chip bag that is. So back to mommy she came.

Great party Paul and Stephanie -thanks for inviting us! But you need to hand over the baby now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


November 18th - Poul-Erik, MacKenzie and I put on a huge greek dinner for our friends. We had all sorts of authentic greek food we got from my "adopted" (just for fun) parents Nick and Susan back home in Nova Scotia. They own a feta cheese farm and always send me back to Thunder Bay with lots of greek goodies.

MacKenzie was showing baby Kaj how to grab, talk and do all sorts of other big girl things. She really seems to enjoy being around other babies.

Wait a minute that's not a bowling ball

November 16th - The annual church bowling party was so much fun. MacKenzie and I were a great team! Actually we got the lowest score in our group on the first string,

but then we got the highest score on the second string. In between turns Rachel was enjoying playing with Kenzie and I think that the feeling was mutual.

Snug as a Bug

November 12th - MacKenzie and I took a long walk out behind our house to find the beaver dam and pond. We were hoping to use it as a skating rink this winter. Unfortunately it isn't big enough to skate on, but that's OK because Thunder Bay has over 80 outdoor skating rinks. Have you been skating yet this year Onyx?

A day at the laundry mat

November 10th - Poul-Erik, MacKenzie and I spent a few hours at the laundry mat this evening. I had never been before but I needed to wash my quilts so off we went on a little adventure. Luckily there was another person there to show me how to use the machines. I know it's not rocket science but it was really unfamiliar to me. The lady that helped me had a little baby girl just 1 month older than MacKenzie.

She was a premature baby and was only 2 1/2 pounds when she was born. She was the same size at 6 months as MacKenzie was. As you can see she is not that much bigger than Kenzie. This was the first time Kenzie had played with another baby. They were facinated with one another.

They shared their toys and were both content to just hang out together on the floor and play.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Blue Eyes

November 10th - We ran errands all morning so once we got home it was time to chill out. I think MacKenzie is getting some teeth so absolutely everything goes in her mouth.

New Toys Rock

November 9th - Daddy stayed home with MacKenzie while I went to a mothers flea market. MacKenzie absolutely loved her new toys - especially the ones that make noise.

Surrounded by all of her favorite things and relaxing on the floor.

Guacamole is Yummy!

November 6th - Daddy's first time feeding MacKenzie went pretty well. She seemed to like the advocado and managed to stay relatively clean.

I'm a big kid now!

November 4th 2008 - MacKenzie has decided that she's all grown up now and would like to stand first instead of crawl.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MacKenzie's first drink from a sippy cup

November 3rd - MacKenzie is so bright!! I showed her how to drink out of the sippy cup once . Then she just picked it up and did it by herself.

Halloween 2008

This is your Uncle PE (on the right) in his favorite Halloween Costume. He is a Klingon warrior from the TV show Star Trek. He his here with his friend Nick who was Luigi. We decorated the entite house and had a party for the 3rd year in a row. What were you for Halloween this year Onyx?

Visiting Family in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

October 14th-28th : This is Nana, MacKenzie and I visiting your great grandmother, Kay, in New Brunswick. This was the first time she saw MacKenzie and she just loved her.

This is your other great grandmother, Flora. She thought MacKenzie was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen.
Back in the Annapolis Valley, it was Nana's turn to play with MacKenzie. We took MacKenzie outside to show her nana's garden. Your nana is a wonderful gardener Onyx!

Grampie couldn't wait to get his hands on MacKenzie. Here they are in Grampie's favorite chair. This was the first time MacKenzie met Little B, grampie's cat. They seemed to like one another.

Here is your Aunt Tracy holding MacKenzie. Your two cousins Emmalea and Bryce and your Uncle Jay couldn't make it for a visit. They live in Upstate New York, in a town called Elmira. But I'm sure Tracy gave MacKenzie enough kisses for everyone:-)

Around the Valley with MacKenzie

October 14th-28th : One of my favorite places to go when I am home in Nova Scotia is to Halls Harbour.

The beach is beautiful and there are so many rocks to look at. I think MacKenzie likes it too!

It was the perfect time of year to hang out in the pumpkin patch.

Nana and Grampie got in on the festivities as well.

What kind of trip would it be to The Annapolis Valley without going to the apple orchards?


We just want to wish you a Happy 6th Birthday. We pray you had a wonderful celebration with your mom and friends. We love you very much Onyx.

It's not very clear at the bottom there, but it says: Love Uncle Poul-Erik, Aunt Trudi and Cousin MacKenzie.

Cascades Hike

October 8th - We went on a beautiful hike to Cascades Provincal Park.

As she gets older MacKenzie gets more and more beautiful.

A great shot of our family

MacKenzie was so intrigued with the waterfall, she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Chilling out with her daddy.

Kamview Hike

October 5th - The annual church family hike was at Kamview Nordic Center this year. PE (that's your Uncle Poul-Erik), MacKenzie and I took an alternate route back from the look off. It was a little steep, but we made it out in one piece.

Kenzie's nose was a little cold, but otherwise she was toasty warm.

The hike to the look off was ENTIRELY uphill. It was definately a challange carrying MacKenzie.

Fall Family Hike

September 18th - It was a gorgeous fall afternoon, so Uncle Poul-Erik, MacKenzie and I went for a hike at Kekabeka Falls Provincal Park.

Golfing with Daddy

August 21st - The whole family decided to go golfing. MacKenzie was helping her daddy decide with club to use. She is soooo smart!