Sunday, April 29, 2012

Princess in Pink

January 2011 - Kenzie dancing to "The Little Mermaid" Soundtrack


January 2011 - More painting:)

Helping Hands

January 20th 2011 - MacKenzie loves to help her daddy in the workshop. Gotta wear protective eye gear and always remember "safety first"

More Snow

January 15th 2011 - Kenzie helping her daddy shovel the driveway

Christmas Visitors

December 20th 2010 - Nana and Grampy came to visit us for Christmas.

Baby #2 Ultrasound

December 15th 2010 - The first picture of our second baby girl

Video - Away in a Manger

December 15th 2010 - Kenzie's Christmas Concert at church

Stir it Up

December 15th 2010 - MacKenzie's favorite baking buddy Kimmy came over to make some Christmas cookies with her

Oh Christmas Tree

December 12th 2010 - MacKenzie's Christmas Recital at the church

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video - Name that Tune

November 2010 - Kenzie is an "artist". She loves to paint and sing. I am certain that someday this painting will be worth money:)

Pumpkin Kisses

Onyx do you have any traditions that you do in the fall each year? We always go out to a local farm and pick out pumpkins, go on a hay ride and go through a corn maze. This is MacKenzie at Belluz farm October 11th 2010

Bouncy Castle

September 6th 2010 at Hymers Fall Fair