Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Angel

January 4th - It was a beautiful winter day in Thunder Bay. As PE was shoveling the driveway Kenzie and I were having a little snow frolic.

Side by side snow angels was a little bit of a challenge,

but turned out well in the end. Kenzie was facinated with the big tree in front of our house.

Our noses were getting a little red and our cheeks a little cold so we decided to go inside to warm up.

But not until we get a picture Mommy and MacKenzie.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little B playing with MacKenzie

Grampies Kitty, "Little B" had so much fun with MacKenzie over the holidays.

More Christmas Fun

December 27-30th - After Christmas with the Binderups we went to the Valley to celebrate Christmas with Nana and Grampie. PE handed out the presents so he got to wear the Santa hat.

Nana and MacKenzie are wearing color coordinated outfits.

Loads of Presents

Christmas Day 2008 - We spent Christmas Day with Poul-Erik's family. MacKenzie is watching the Backyardigans with her cousins Erik and Markus.

She thought she'd try her hand at driving. It's pretty obvious she needs a little practice - she is facing the wrong way after all!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

Grampie and MacKenzie are hanging out on the couch. Kenzie is sporting one of her many new Christmas outfits.

MacKenzie was the only one allowed to open a present on Christmas Eve,

but I think she had more fun playing with the ribbons,

Now that she is mobile - watch out!!!!

Santa's little helper

Kenzie visits Santa

December 12th - MacKenzie finally got to meet the "Big Guy". She thought Santa was great and looked beautiful in the dress that Aunt Tracy sent her from Elmira.

Our friend Carla came with us to enjoy the moment. This was MacKenzies first candy cane and although I didn't take the wrapper off she still managed to get some flavor out of it.