Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video - From Daddy to Dancing and Back

February 23rd - MacKenzie sure loves her Daddy

Video - Crowning the Princess

February 23rd - Our little Princess

Video - Breakdancing for Jesus

February 23rd - Our whole family is just having a fun morning singing and dancing. MacKenzie cracks me up - she's such a little clown.

Video - "Horsing" around with Daddy

February 23rd - Just being plain silly

Video - Caillou Kisses

February 23rd - One of MacKenzie's favorite TV show is Caillou. We got a Caillou doll from the Mother's Market this winter and she just loves to play with it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jocelyn - You got Skillz Girl

January 2010

Amazing Pics by Jocelyn

Video - Christmas Eve Dancing

December 24th - Kenzie just loved the Christams dress she got from Aunt Tracy. She knew she was beautiful as soon as it went on her, she started to twirl and dance immediately. So here she is singing and dancing in her Christmas Eve Party Dress.

Christmas in Nova Scotia 2009 - Page 1

Christmas Morning - Grampy reading MacKenzie the new book she got for Christmas.
Time to relax after openning all the presents.

Horsing around with mommy.

Getting sleepy from a busy morning.

Time to try out all the new clothes and toys.

Christmas in Nova Scotia 2009 - Page 2

Grampy's favorite sport to watch is Football and his favorite team in the Chicago Bears. That is why there is a "C" on his shirt, it's the Team's logo! MacKenzie sure does love her Grampy
Lots of lovin' for Nana too

Daddy is reading stories about airplanes to Kenzie - she seems to like it!

Nana snuggling with her little gold pumpkin. Nana got her this shiny coat for Christmas.

Kenzie thought she should get to open everyone's presents.

Christmas in Nova Scotia 2009 - Page 3

While we were home Nana, Kenzie and myself (and some good friends) went to see my favorite East Coast artist, Dave Gunning, at the Union Street Cafe.
Here is Kenzie chillin' out with some grapes and watching Tree House

Christmas Princess in a box!

Kenzie and her 2 cousins were showing PE how to put together Lego

MacKenzie and Grampy spent alot of time together this holiday

Christmas in Nova Scotia 2009 - Page 4

MacKenzie trying on Santa's hat for size
Making herself comfy in Grampy's lazyboy

Checking out the Boxing Day sales

As if Grampy's seat wasn't enough now she has taken his Chef's hat too

Making funny faces in the mirror

No More Cookies Please

December 11th - MacKenzie and I go to a mom's prayer group every Friday morning. This is our last Friday that we will be meeting before Christmas so we had a little Christmas party.
With all of the recent Christmas parties I think MacKenzie is going to turn into a cookie if she eats another one.

Alicia has all sorts of costumes - here's MacKenzie trying on one of the boy's knight helmets.

MacKenzie is hiding under the piano bench.

So Much for Ruldolph

December 6th - Hey Onyx, did you know your Uncle PE is a pilot for the governments air ambulance service? He flies an airplane called a Pilatus PC-12. He flies with another pilot and brings paramedics and patients from the northern communities in Ontario to the hospital.
This is PE's work Christmas party and everybody is anxiously awaiting the arrival of "someone special" who is going to bring presents to all the little boys and girls.

Although your Uncle PE flies and airplane, the company he works for (called ORNGE) also uses helicopters.

So this year Santa arrived on a helicopter.....

and the waiting is finally over:-)

Star Light, Star Bright

November 26th - MacKenzie and Mrs.Emily doing a craft together at Cooperative Playschool

Video - That's my Strawberry!

November 22nd - Words do not do this justice

Many Hands Make Light Work

November 22nd 2009- MacKenzie and Daddy are having some bonding time.
Work first ...

then it's time to relax!

Video - Happy Birthday Grampy

November 14th - Kenzie and mommy decided that Grampy would probably like to have a video of his Happy Birthday Song for his birthday present.

Christmas is Coming!

November 7th 2009- Sarah, MacKenzie and I went to our first Christmas Celebration Onyx. A local greenhouse has amazing decorations and lights on display for Christmas
Kenzie gets lost in all the red and whites

YUMMY!!!! Candy canes are tastt! Do you like candy canes?

We had lots of opportunities to take pictures - there were decorations everywhere!

Here is Sarah with MacKenzie just before we decided to call it a day!


I Have to Make an Adjustment

November 6th - MacKenzie is becoming a pro at the Chiropractors. She gets right up on the table and lays down all by herself. Gotta keep that spine healthy!


November 6th - MacKenzie has found a new hiding place - at least until we need the space
The doors are light enought for her to open and close by herself.
She hasn't quite figured out how to get her legs tucked up and close the door though


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Video - If the Shoe Fits

November 1st - Our first full day in the new house and Kenzie thinks the best part of it all is daddy's shoes.

When a House is a Home

November 1st 2009 - Our first day in our new house
Moving day can be pretty dirty business. So we got nice and clean before our first sleep in our new house!

Lots of interesting and new things to explore,

and Kitties to chase!

Video - I like to MOVE it, MOVE it!

October 24th - 6 more days until we move! As the day approaches the boxes are beginning to get in our way. It is a constant shuffle to get to what we need.

Precious Cargo Coming Through!

October 22nd - We are getting ready for moving day! After the pool and deck were dismanteled they needed to be put in the shed.
As you can see here, MacKenzie was a big help.

I'm just along for the ride!