Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alexa's Birth

 May 3rd 2011 - One day past her due date, Alexa was ready to meet the world. PE got to catch her and cut the umbilical cord.

I had my first contraction at 10:30am and your cousin #2 arrived at 7:30pm

Presenting: Alexa Mikkel Binderup

 Very proud mommy and daddy

She is our gift from God, perfect in every way  

and no one was more proud than her big sister.

The first picture of our new family.

Presents form Grampy

April 29th 2011 - Grampy sent MacKenzie a Princess Cupcake cookbook for her birthday.

Happy Easter Onyx

Here comes Peter Cottontail,

hopping down the bunny trail.

Hippidy, hoppidy Easter's on it's way.

Can I Come?

April 18th 2011 - I took the suitcase out to start to get ready for going to the hospital to have the baby. MacKenzie asked if she could come with me and packed herself in the suitcase.

Happy Bithday MacKenzie #2

April 17th 2011 - Birthday party #2 - still princess pink and purple

Happy 3rd Birthday MacKenzie

April 16th 2011 - MacKenzie's birthday party #1

Princess pink and purple all the way


April 11th 2011 - Onyx some day you will get married and probably have kids. My advice to you........
RUB YOUR WIFES FEET WHEN SHE IS PREGNANT. I had some pretty crazy water retention. My foot, ankle and lower leg looked like a water balloon.

Kisses for Sister

MacKenzie is getting super excited about her baby sister being born soon. I think you can see pretty plainly that she already loves her:)

Baby Belly

April 4th 2011 - My good friend Katarina needed to build up her photography web page. So she asked me if I would be in some photos for her pregnancy page.

So MacKenzie and I went over for the afternoon and posed for many,many, many pictures.

These were my favorite of the bunch

There are likely some other pictures of us on here website if you would like to check it out Onyx. It is: momentintimephoto.weebly.com

Sioux Lookout

March 30th - April 3rd 2011 - We went on a family trip to Sioux Lookout. PE had to go for work so we thought we'd take to opportunity to join him for a free weekend on the company. The hotel had a swimming pool and as we all know MacKenzie loves to swim.

They had a community barn where you could go and feed the horses some apples.

Another thing MacKenzie loves is horses. We were close enough for her though, those horses were very big!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Video - Dancing

March 2011 - One of MacKenzie's favorite movie iss "Robots". When the music comes on at the end she just cannot help but dance.

Baking up a Storm

February 9th 2011- Doing some "getting ready for the baby" baking (cookie dough to freeze). Kenzie absolutely loves to bake.


February 6th 2011 - Every year our church family has a bowling/pizza party. They didn't have any shoes that fit her so MacKenzie had to wear her slippers, she didn't mind. But the floor was very slippery.

Vanilla Steamer Please

February 2nd 2011 - MacKenzie's favorite "date" with  mommy spot, Starbucks!!! There is a Chapters book store attatched to this Starbucks and there is a wonderful plya area that we go to after Kenzie's vanilla steamer is gone.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Princess in Pink

January 2011 - Kenzie dancing to "The Little Mermaid" Soundtrack


January 2011 - More painting:)

Helping Hands

January 20th 2011 - MacKenzie loves to help her daddy in the workshop. Gotta wear protective eye gear and always remember "safety first"

More Snow

January 15th 2011 - Kenzie helping her daddy shovel the driveway

Christmas Visitors

December 20th 2010 - Nana and Grampy came to visit us for Christmas.

Baby #2 Ultrasound

December 15th 2010 - The first picture of our second baby girl

Video - Away in a Manger

December 15th 2010 - Kenzie's Christmas Concert at church

Stir it Up

December 15th 2010 - MacKenzie's favorite baking buddy Kimmy came over to make some Christmas cookies with her

Oh Christmas Tree

December 12th 2010 - MacKenzie's Christmas Recital at the church

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video - Name that Tune

November 2010 - Kenzie is an "artist". She loves to paint and sing. I am certain that someday this painting will be worth money:)

Pumpkin Kisses

Onyx do you have any traditions that you do in the fall each year? We always go out to a local farm and pick out pumpkins, go on a hay ride and go through a corn maze. This is MacKenzie at Belluz farm October 11th 2010

Bouncy Castle

September 6th 2010 at Hymers Fall Fair