Thursday, June 27, 2013


What a little Peanut

A Moment in Time Photography
by Katarina Setala

Picture Perfect

Our friend Katarina with "A Moment in Time Photography" just started doing some newborn photo shoots. She graciously offered to do some photos of Alexa for free to build her porfolio

All wrapped up and sleeping

Thanks Katarina

Proud as punch

MacKenzie and Alexa - a proud big sister

You Can't do it Alone

They say it takes a village to raise a family. While a lot of people choose to do it on their own, we have an amazing church family that is helping us to raise ours. These are just some of our closest friends that came over to celebrate Alexa's birth.

Back Row: PE, Mike, Hugo, Josh, Carla, Kaj and Alicia
Front row: Kim, Andrew, MacKenzie, me, Ceighan, Pete and Alexa and Ryleigh


May 26th - Alexa is just so full of smiles

Nana's Visit

May 2011 - Nana came to visit to meet and help out with baby Alexa

Of Course part of Nana's duties was to bake cupcakes with MacKenzie to celebrate our new baby

and to plant seeds for our garden.

Watering the new seeds is a very important part of the process

 Alexa just a couple of weeks old

MacKenzie being silly

Nana holding Alexa who is fast asleep