Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thunderfest Weekend

July 10th-12th - This past weekend was the annual Thunderfest Street Party.
We decided to go on Friday night to listen to the Reggae music.

We've always enjoyed reggae music but since we've been to Jamaica twice we enjoy it even more.

MacKenzie loves to dance so she really liked the great beat....

but not as much as she likes her icecream cone.

Walking with Sarah

My friend Sarah and I have been going for walks 3 times a week. Here we are at the golf course
There are beautiful sights to see at the Marina. MacKenzie enjoyed spinning the telescope around and around.

Thunder Bay has alot of Conservation areas. This one has cascading waterfalls that people slide down in the summer.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Video - Walking

Watch out, she's almost walking now!

We're all in the Mood for a Melody

July 6th 2009 - I have a picture very similar to this of Suzette when she was a baby.
My little prodigy!

Video - Kenz Playing the Piano

MacKenzie and I went over to our friend Kim's house yesterday. Don and Marilyn was a beautiful piano there and MacKenzie couldn't get enough of it.

(I know it's sideways but it's still really great)

"Our True North Strong and Free"

Canada Day 2009 - MacKenzie loved daddy's festive party hat.
Red was the theme of the day and MacKenzie did not disappoint anyone.

MacKenzie's first golf lesson from daddy.

More knee walking.

Jaia and Onyx

June 25th 2009 - When your dad stopped by to visit us in Thunder Bay he gave me some of the pictures he had taken of his visit with you on Thursday. This was one of my favorites.

Video - Jaia and MacKenzie

I believe Jaia thinks I'm taking a picture when I am actually taking a video. Hehehe

Kenz is dancing with her Uncle Jaia - How cute are they?

Jaia Comes for a Visit

June 29th 2009 - Your dad was in Montreal for a few months to see you Onyx. So on his way back to Vancouver he stopped by to meet MacKenzie for the first time.
They hit it off right away - kisses all around!

Jaia giving MacKenzie her first driving lesson.

We went out for breakfast at Naxos - good sharing MacKenzie!

It was time for your dad and Sarah to hit the road, they still have a long drive ahead of them.

We had such a nice visit :-)

Sunscreen Anyone?

June 26th 2009 - MacKenzie is learning early to protect herself from the sun:
a hat, all natural sunscreen and......

sitting in the shade as much as possible.

Our friends the Setalas and Lindemans came over for a swim.

Hiking with Sarah

June 25th 2009 - Sarah and I are starting a walking/hiking club at the church so we decided to check out a new trail.
The waterfall was beautiful,

but unfortunately the walk was only about 10minutes.

It was a nice place to visit but not long enough for the walk club.

We're Outside Whenever Possible

June 25th 2009 - MacKenzie tried out her new floaty for the first time and loved it.
Girls just wanna have fun,

and more fun

and even more fun.

She loves her mommy's Super Bowl hat.

The Sunsuit Rocks!

June 23rd - We got an outdoor mat for MacKenzie so she could play outside next to the pool. No more splinters in her knees.
She loves floating around the pool with her daddy. I think we have a similar picture from a year ago.

Time to cool down in the shade with mommy.

Baby back, Baby back, Baby back Ribs

June 21st 2009 - We went to our friends Pete and Alicia's to spend Father's Day with them.
It was MacKenzie's first time having ribs.

She had no problem with chompers like hers.

Making her grampie proud!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Video - Paddy's Ribs in Thunder Bay

PE and I always bring some yummy Paddy's food back to Thunder Bay with us. These are Paddy's famous Smoked Baby Back Ribs. Apparently we have ourselves a little meat lover.

Who cares About the Money?

MacKenzie thought it would be fun to go through my purse while I was packing and not paying very close attention to her. What an opportunistic little girl!

Video - Licking the Salty Rock

We found a pretty rock on the beach at Halls Harbour, so we decided to bring it home for Nana as a souvenir. Somehow along the way MacKenzie discovered that she liked the salty sea taste on it. It sure made for an adorable video.

Halls Harbour - Part 1

MacKenzie got a new sun hat from her Nana while we were home. It came in very handy on our sunny day at the beach.
A peice of driftwood seems to have some longevity as a baby toy.

She was completely amazed with it

and wouldn't put it down.

Sorry MacKenzie but the last thing we need is more driftwood.

Halls Harbour - Part 2

It was a beautiful day!
We had so much fun!

The bouys were bigger than MacKenzie.

She loved picking up and throwing the rocks.

The rocks were warm on our feet

and the photo ops too many to count.

Halls Harbour - Part 3

Halls Harbour is one of the "hot spots" for tourists visiting the Annapolis Valley.
It has: a restaurant that serves fresh cooked lobster,

a beautiful fishing boat dock,

and lots of wonderful places to take some great photos.

Not to mention a beautiful view.