Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visiting you Soon Onyx

August 16th 2010 - This is my final blog post until I come to Montreal to visit you Onyx. Myself, MacKenzie, your Aunt Suzette (who is coming all the way from Japan), and your Nana are all coming to Montreal to see you. You are so big now and we really miss you. MacKenzie, Poul-Erik and I having a tent picnic in the living room

Toes! Toes! Toes!

When Kim comes over for a visit there is one thing and one thing only that is on MacKenzie's mind - PAINTED TOES!!! Sorry Kim but you're going to be painting her toes every time you visit until she can do it herself.

It's a Wiggley Birthday Party

Saturday August 8th - MacKenzie's friend JJ turned 3 years old today. His absolute favorite TV show is "The Wiggles Show". At his party we made feather swords, ate birthday cake and played with balloons.

Video - Momma Always Said to Eat Slowly

MacKenzie and I were on a shopping date at the mall. One of her favorite things about going to the mall is that we go to the food court for a snack. She usually gobbles up her food so fast I wonder where it all goes to. But on this particular day it was all about taking her time and enjoying ever single bite.

Blow that Horn

July 30th 2010 - We went to Grand Marais for the day. Grand Marsais is a small town along Lake Superior in Minnesota. It's about and hour and a half drive from Thunder Bay. We hung out on the beach, had the World's Greatest Donut and did a little shopping. MacKenzie had alot of fun with her new recorder - Daddy did too!

In Honor of Auntie Suzette

We thought it would be a good idea to get MacKenzie started early on using chopsticks. Just in case we ever make it over to Japan to visit Auntie Suzette.

So hard to say Goodbye

July 10th - Our friends Nick and Lindsay are moving away to fly over seas. So we went to a farewell BBQ at their parents house to say goodbye.

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

July 10th - Now that's a dandylion. It's almost as big as MacKenzie's head.

Here Comes the Bride

July 9th - Our friends Kyle and Lee got married on a beautiful and sunny day. This was MacKenzie's first time ever attending a wedding.For the special occassion she got a brand new outfit and a matching one for her baby.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Video - Puddle Hopper

When Sarah, MacKenzie and I went for a walk at Cascades Park we got caught in a Thunder storm. By the time we got back to the car we were already pretty wet and there were lots of puddles in the parking lot. Sarah thought it was the perfect opportunity to show MacKenzie how to splash in puddles - barefoot and all!

A Hiking we will Go

July 7th 2010 - Sarah, Kim, MacKenzie and I went for a hike at a bity bug infested bog. And I forgot the backpack to carry MacKenzie in. I ended up carrying her in my arms - BIG MISTAKE!!!!

Jungle Safari Picnic

That MacKenzie is one cool cat. Some friends, MacKenzie and I went for a picnic at Friendship gardens

On the Big Comfy Couch

Just hangin' out at the mall, sitting on a comfy chair at Home Sense

Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1st 2010 - Food, fireworks, sparkellers, friends, family and celebration - That's how we spent Canada Day this year
As we got closer and closer to the time of the fireworks MacKenzie got more and more tired.

But earlier in the day she was ready to party. She was hoping to find someone to pull her around the yard in the sled - it sure would have been easier if there were snow.

I am not exactly sure what we going on here but I am sure that MacKenzie was having a blast

Although it does not appear to be true, MacKenzie did enjoy her first ever roasted marshmallow

MacKenzie Lending a Helping Hand

June 26th 2010 - With so many backyard projects on the go MacKenzie is learning all about how to build a fence and deck. Poul-Erik is showing her how to make sure the fence post is level.
She's like the Energizer Bunny, after she was done helping daddy she helped me weed the garden.

Father's Day at the Lake

June 20-22nd - We went out to Shebandewan Lake for a weekend getaway for Father's Day. We spent some quality time doing fun and realxing things with daddy. Fishing was out top priority, after relaxing that is.
We hung out on the deck and had a bonfire to warm up after swimming.

Onyx this picture reminded me so much of you. I guess it's because one of your favorite colors is purple. But I think MacKenzie even looks a bit like you in this one.

more canoeing and fishing with daddy

and we even caught some Walleye and fried it up for breakfast.

Video - Learning to Swim

While we were in Sioux Lookout Poul-Erik took the opportunity to try to teach MacKenzie how to kick and doggie paddle. She did a pretty good job for her first time

Take your Daughter to Work Weekend

June 11th-14th 2010 - Poul-Erik had to fly to a little fishing village up north called Sioux Lookout for the weekend to do some flight training for work. Since Kenzie and I had nothing else on the go, we drove 4 and a half hours to meet him there for the weekend. The beds were super duper comfy - as you can see:-)
and the sand was super duper sticky - as you can see :-)

We played on the beach alot and watched all the float planes coming in from fishing expiditions.

There was always lots to do. We even went to our first ever fish fry on the beach

Sand, Sand Everywhere!!!

Friendship Gardens

May 31 2010 - MacKenzie, Kim and I hung out at the friendship gardens for a few hours. MacKenzie had funt hrowing bread to the ducks, even thought they weren't really interested. She discovered that blowing the seed off of a dandylion is alot of fun
Once we ran out of bread she proceeded to throw rocks at the ducks. They didn't really care because her aim was a little off and they just swam away anyways.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I hope you're not afraid of spiders Onyx. Kenzie and I went to a travelling reptile exhibit this summer. She got to pet an alligator, a scorpion and a giant python. Not to mention the obvious adventure with the Tarantula. She absolutely loved it!

Come on in - The Water's Fine

While we were doing the backyard construction to get it ready for the BIG pool we set up MacKenzie's little pool so she'd have a way to keep cool. It was a good idea!

No Problem Mon

May 2010 - When we went to Jamaica two and a half years ago we bought these shirts. Kenzie just grew in to hers this summer. So we thought it only appropriate that her and daddy should wear them at the same time.

That's not a Monkey, That's Me!

Middle of May 2010 - MacKenzie, Poul-Erik and I going on a walk at the Marina. She was clowning around and her hat kept blowing off because it was windy.
Daddy and his little girl watching the seagulls and geese swim around in the lake

It wouldn't be right to go to the Marina and not go to the playground

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aqua Blue

Hiking is one of our favorite things to do in Thunder Bay. This was our longest hike yet with MacKenzie - 14Kms. We hiked out to a point called Tea Harbour where there were 3 different peaks with 3 different beaches.
It was pretty windy and cool for our picinic lunch on the beach but the view was breath taking

and the water was the most beautiful color of Aqua Blue - it was a great day!

You're a Super Star

MacKenzie showing off her new glasses that she got for her birthday

Jaia's Visit

May 12-19th Your dad came to visit us in Thunder Bay for a week. He took the train across Canada with his final destination being Montreal in hopes that he would get to see you. He passed pretty close to us so he took a detour to get to spend some time with MacKenzie.
We both like to rollerblade so we took MacKenzie out for a little afternoon adventure around Boulevard Lake

I guess she enjoyed the quicker pace and was looking for some speed of her own.

Later in the week we went to Kakabeka Falls and hike the 5 kilometer trail there

At the end of the week we hiked up Mout McKay to show Jaia the fabulous view of Thunder Bay from way up high

Music of my Heart

May 5th - MacKenzie has been taking beginner music classes. This is her on her last day of class with her instructor Kathy. Onyx do you have a favorite instrument you like to play? MacKenzie likes the piano the best but I think she really enjoys all sorts of music and instruments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video - Jumping on the Trampoline

April 22nd 2010 - We were visiting with a friend and Kenzie naturally gravitated towards the trampoline

The rest of April

April 22nd 2010 - MacKenzie's first time blowing bubbles
Nothing like, literally, getting into your work - helping mommy weed the garden

April24th - hiking at Centennial Park

April 18th - Kenzie's 2nd Birthday

We had a small little get together at our house to celebrate MacKenzie's 2nd birthday. Her friend Ryleigh was making sure she knew how to open her presents.
We ordered MacKenzie's birthday cake in her favorite color - ORANGE

Nana and grampie got MacKenzie her first ever tricycle

And hopefully sometime in the future her gardenning bag will be used to help her mommy with the weeds instead of for a hat.