Monday, March 23, 2009

Video - Gentle Kitty

March 23rd 2009

Do you have a cat Onyx? Well, MacKenzie does and her name is Clancey! Sometimes the cat runs away when MacKenzie comes near. Today however, she was enjoying the extra special attention.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Toilet Paper Incident

March 20th 2009 - MacKenzie is an absolute cutie! She is always playing, talking to herself and having fun.
So when I haven't heard her for a couple of minutes, I know she's most likely doing something she shouldn't be (I'm sure you never do anything you shouldn't Onyx!)

Her new favorite "naughty" thing to do is to unroll the toilet paper. Sometimes she eats it and sometimes she just tears it into a thousand little pieces.

And when she finishes with one roll she just moves onto the next one. Good thing there is ample supply!

Marshmallows and Hotdogs

March 19th 2009 - Our ladies bible study group got together to have a bonfire last night.

The weather has started to warm up so it was a beautiful evening to be outside.

MacKenzie joined us for a few minutes. Then it was time for her to hang out with daddy in the house. But not before one last picture with Stephanie.

We ate marshmallows and sang songs. Then we headed inside for some hot chocolate, cookies and a board game.

We had such a wonderful time together!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video - You Turkey!!

March 16th 2009 - MacKenzie having a feast of turkey!

Just a Regular Day at the Binderup's

March 16th 2009 - Bath time is over and now it's time to dry off.
When MacKenzie was first born the hoodie part of this towel practically covered her entire body.

Eating in the sunshine
This is her favorite new face - the nose scrunch!

Picture Perfect!!!!

Fuzzy Dice

March 15th 2009 - She is exploring more and more every day. She found Poul-Erik's flight bag in the closet in our bedroom. I suppose she thought his fuzzy dice were for her, seeing as grown men don't play with toys.

Out to Lunch

March 15th 2009 - Our friends Jeff and Shannon took us out for lunch at Boston Pizza. We tried to get MacKenzie to eat a lemon but she was too smart for us.

Video - Talking and eating go hand in hand

March 12th 2009

Play Time

March 12th 2009 - MacKenzie will munch on just about anything these days.

She has been ripping little peices off her whoozit and eating them.

There are certainly alot of options when it come to choice of toys to chew.

More Play Time!

March 12th 2009 - I think it's pretty obvious who is in "control".
MacKenzie has changed so much in the past few weeks.

She is standing more and more everyday, not by herself but holding onto furniture. She spends most of her play time clutched to the couch. Occassionally she will let go and try to stand, but that usually ends with her on the floor crying. It's hard being a baby :-)

We have this neat little dish. She has recently learned how to get the Cheerios out of it, but if you tip it upside down they don't fall out.

Mommy it's all empty!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Video - Watching daddy shower

MacKenzie loves to feel the mist of the water on her face while we take a shower. She is so full of energy and life that it just keeps getting better and better as time goes by.

Skiing at Kamview

March 6th 2009 - Sarah and I went cross country skiing. It has been 19 years since I last went and boy were my arms sore afterwards.

Ryleigh's Birthday

March 3rd 2009 - We spent the evening at the Lindemans for Ryleighs 6th Birthday Party.
Blow that horn MacKenzie. Wait a minute that's a hat, not a horn!

She had to wear purple, it's the birthday girl's favorite color.

Ryleigh, Hugo and MacKenzie

The birthday girl and her My Little Pony cake

Video - Play Time!

It's been so nice that MacKenzie is becoming a little more independant. She can now play by herself for up to a half an hour. Don't get me wrong, I love playing with her but it is nice to have a little more time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tea time!

February 24th - MacKenzie and I went over to our friend Kim's house for a visit.
We sat in the solairium and sipped herbal tea - all afternoon!

The light was so bright and perfect for taking pictures.

This is MacKenzie's new favorite face - "The nose scrunch"

It seems no matter what she's doing she is still absolutely adorable!

A Day with the Lindeman Family

February 21st 2009 - We spent the entire day with Pete, Alicia, Ryleigh, Hugo, Ceighan and Kaj.

It's exhausting playing all day so MacKenzie had a nap in daddy's arms.

Then we headed to the Canada Games Complex to go for a swim. This was MacKenzie's first time in a public pool.

Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat - try saying that 10 times fast!

Kakabeka Again!

February 21st 2009 - MacKenzie and I went hiking at Kakabeka again with our friend Stephanie.

Playing with the Kitty!

February 21st 2009 - MacKenzie and Clancey (the kitty) were playing together on the bathroom floor for about a 1/2 hour this morning.

At first Kenzie was more interested in the camera than the cat.

It didn't take long before Clancey got her attention

Thankfully they play well together.

But Clancey was keeping a close eye on MacKenzie.

Video - Kenzie's at it Again!

February 16th 2009 - MacKenzie is cruising all over the house now.

Karaoke Fun!

February 9th 2009 - We were just playing around and singing a little Karaoke.

Your Aunt Suzette says it's a good thing to start Kenzie early on the Karaoke. Apparently it originated in Japan and she wants MacKenzie to come over to Japan and become Karaoke Star. I think she just misses her.

Trying out our new Skates!

February 8th 2009 - Uncle PE and I got new skates for Christmas in 2007, but this was the first time we used them. We had alot of fun, but I must say hockey skates are alot different than figure skates. Suprisingly, I didn't fall down. But I came close a few times!

Hey Onyx, do you like to Hike?

February 6th 2009 - MacKenzie and I just love to go hiking. Our favorite spot to hike is at Kakabeka Falls Provincal Park. We usaully see either a deer, pheasant or procupine when we go. But we always see lots of squirrels and birds! Do you have a favorite hiking spot Onyx?

Superbowl 2009

February 1st 2009 - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!
Da Bears didn't make it to the Superbowl this year,
but MacKenzie was still decked out in fine style with her Chicago Bears jersey on.

Grampy would be proud!

Have a sip

January 26th 2009 - Poul-Erik and MacKenzie were lounging around sipping a cup of coffee today. Don't worry Onyx we didn't actually let her have any!

Pete's Birthday

January 24th 2009 - Our good friends Pete and Alicia had us over to celebrate Pete's birthday. MacKenzie and Pete were wearing color coordinated shirts.